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Play park

Dinton Pastures Play Park

Covid-secure play: What you need to know before you visit!


Tickets are free, but must be pre-booked online (you must book a space for each Child and any Adults intending to go into the play park area)

Bookings HERE.


To ensure social distancing can be maintained, we are operating a ticketed entry system to our play area during peak times.


What are the peak days and times?

Weekends and school holidays 10am-4pm

Entry times are 10:00, 11:15, 12:30, 13:45 and 15:00


What happens outside of these peak times?

The play park will remain open outside of the ticketed times.

Outside of these peak times we ask parents and guardians to decide to enter the play area based on how busy it is. If it looks busy, it is; walk on and visit another time.

If you visit on the morning of a ticket day, we will blow a whistle prior to the start time of our first ticketed entry time slot and everyone already in the play area must vacate.


Will the peak times get extended?

The ticketed entry days and times are likely to change to reflect the demand. We will amend the system to ensure social distancing can be maintained within the play area.


Are tickets free or will there be a charge?

Tickets are free of charge.


How long is each play park session?

Tickets will provide entry for up to one hour of play.

At the end of your session time, you will hear a whistle. This is the end of play time and all children and adults within the play area must leave via the exit gate promptly so we can get the next group of people in.

There will be a 15 minute window between sessions to clear the play park before the next timed session enter.


Can I book tickets back to back?

Please do not book back to back slots, otherwise we will not be able to accommodate all of the children and families needing to use the facility. If you book back to back sessions you will still be required to exit upon the ‘time up’ whistle and will be refused entry on to the next session.


How many tickets can I book?

You can book up to six tickets, per session. We request that tickets are only booked for people from the same household


How many people will be in the play park?

The play area will be restricted to 150 people at any one time, which is less than 50% of its usual capacity.


Do I have to book tickets for accompanying adults as well as children?

Everyone entering the play area must have a valid ticket. Parents are welcome to supervise from outside the play area fence if they feel it’s safe to do so, otherwise they will need a ticket to enter, so please remember to book for the entire group.  

The Dinton team are there to operate the entry system, not to supervise the children, this is the sole responsibility of the parents or guardians.


Can I cancel or amend my booking?

Unfortunately we do not have the staff capacity to amend or cancel bookings, so only book what you know you are going to use to save disappointing other families.


How early do I need to arrive for my play park session?

We ask that you arrive at, or just after, the time of your booking, but no earlier, to prevent any queuing for that session.


Will I be guaranteed car parking?

We have reduced car parking on site, by means to encourage people to stay local and only make essential journeys. We would encourage you to walk or cycle where possible.

If you do need to drive to us, there is unfortunately no way to reserve car parking spaces for play park bookings. We advise you to arrive with ample time to find a parking space. You can then enjoy the Country Park before heading over to the play park at your scheduled time. 

If you have booked a time in the play park but are unable to find a car parking space, we apologise for the inconvenience and suggest you re book for another, perhaps quieter, time.

Please be aware that we do not condone parking in the neighbouring highways or along the country park driveway. A formal Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is in place and will be enforceable to prevent visitors from parking in the surrounding areas.


I am a nearby resident and currently park on a road that falls under the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO). How will parking attendants know not to give me a ticket?

If you are a resident living on any of the following streets, it is advised that you use your driveway for parking. If you have no off-street parking or cannot park on your driveway, please email parking.services@wokingham.gov.uk with your vehicle details and proof of residency (such as a council tax letter, V5C vehicle logbook or utility bill):


  • Davis Street
  • Lea Heath Way
  • Davis Way (leading to Douglas Grange and Little Hill Rd)
  • Sandford Lane
  • Mohawk Way
  • Colemansmoor Road


We will then add your registration to the system and provide a dispensation to park while these temporary restrictions are in place. You will not need to display anything on your vehicle – our wardens will check your details on the system to see if you are a resident or not. 


Will I need to wear a face covering whilst in the play park?

We strongly suggest that supervising adults wear face coverings whilst in the play area and adopt social distancing from others outside of their household group.

Good handwashing is essential before and after play, either at our public toilets or when you get home. Please also use the hand sanitiser stations provided.


Can I socialise with other parents in the play park?

We request adults from different households do not meet up inside the play area. The play park is open for children to get out into the fresh air and exercise, not for socialising.

Covid marshals will patrol the country park and play area, and request that social interaction are refrained. The park is open for essential exercise purposes only.


How will you ensure people are from the same household?

We request that tickets are only booked for people from the same household.

The booking system will capture the contact details of the purchaser and collect the names of each ticket holder as part of the booking process.

We will only be ‘checking in’ ticket holders by purchaser, not by individual tickets. For example a purchaser is the ‘parent’ and the ticket holders are that parent plus two children. This is one group of three checked in.

We will not allow access to ticket holders without the purchaser of that group of tickets present. If it is obvious that you are not from the same household, entry will be refused.


What is local?

Outdoor exercise should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel a short distance within your area to do so if necessary. Please only visit Dinton if you are a Wokingham Borough resident who lives nearby.


How will you ensure people booking are staying local?

The booking system will capture the contact details of the purchaser as part of the booking process and request that a check box is ticked to capture a statement of integrity as to the information provided.

The Dinton team will review bookings on a daily basis, and spot check to ensure people reside within the Wokingham Borough. Purchasers will be contacted, using the details provided, should we need to question or cancel any bookings for purchases that reside outside of Wokingham Borough.

Reasonable due diligence will be taken, but we ask for peoples honesty in these difficult times. We do not have powers of enforcement for any breaches to Covid laws, but will be reporting breaches that occur to Thames Valley Police where necessary.



About our play area

This play space has been designed by Davies White Ltd Landscape Arcitects to be non-prescriptive and to connect children with nature. The emphasis is on tactile and sensory play and there are many design features that have been thought through to increase access to the play features. Have a walk through the park yourself with the short video above.

Giant nest towers, monkey bars, funnel trap nests, secret hobbit holes and giant swinging and climbing logs are some of the exciting features of our hugely popular play park. Opened in 2014 to an unprecedented response, this fantastic facility is available all year round.
There is so much for our youngest visitors to discover with den-building structures, swinging hanging logs and underground tunnels. The more adventurous can enjoy giant nest towers and a woodland obstacle course. A timber bridge joins the main mounds, connecting two large grassy mounds with a secret hidey-hole. 
A dedicated space for toddlers features swings, wide slide, a willow maze and a huge giant log. A large storytelling area has been created using giant wooden eggs.


Inclusive play

This play space has been designed to be non-prescriptive and to connect children with nature. The emphasis is on tactile and sensory play and there are many design features that have been thought through to increase access to the play features. Have a walk through the park yourself with the short video above.