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Park Visitors Survey
Park Visitors Survey
How long did you visit for?
Where did you travel from to visit the park?
How far did you travel to visit the park today?
Which of the following amenities did you use during your visit?
Could accessibility be improved on the park? (If yes, please provide details)
Do you feel there are adequate number of benches in the park?
Do you think there is adequate number of dog bins* in the park? *Please consider the council’s policy of encouraging people to take their waste home to recycle
What is your overall impression of the park?
How safe do you feel using the parks?
About You 
Please feel free to leave this section. However knowing the demographic of the visitors accessing our parks, allows us to consider any barriers different groups of users might face. Which gives us an opportunity to address them.
What is your gender?
Which of the following options best describes how you think of yourself?
Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
If you have any direct feedback or want information on how the data collected in this form is being used please contact Countryside Services team via Contact Us page.