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Disc golf

Disc golf

Disc golf

What is Disc Golf?

The object of the game is to throw a disc (a type of frisbee) from a starting point to a hole (a metal basket) in as few throws as possible. Dinton is proud to host one of the few 18-hole permanent disc golf courses in England.

The course was installed in 2016 and was paid for by Berkshire Disc Golf Club (a group of local volunteers who love disc golf!)  The course is located on public access grassland adjacent to the main lake and you can access it from either the Dragonfly Café or Dinton Activity Centre. It is free to play if you have your own discs, but you can give the game a try and hire a disc from Dinton Activity Centre (off Sandford Lane). 

Disc Hire- Book Here

Disc Hire is available at Dinton Activity Centre from 6 April to 26 September (Weekends Only in September)  11am-1:30pm and 2pm- 4:30pm, and costs £6 for a set of 2 discs (mid- range and putter). 

 Disc Hire Prices
Set of 2 Discs £6.00 Putter & Mid-range
Lost Disc fee (if not returned by 5pm) £10.00 Per Disc

The Course

The course is made of 18 baskets and spans out over lea heath reaching from the Activity Centre right down the the Dragonfly Café. There is and option to use the short course if you are more pressed for time or the long course if you are looking for a challenge.

Disc golf map

 Download a pdf copy of the Disc Golf Course here.

There is and option to use the short course if you are more pressed for time or the long course if you are looking for more of a challenge.

Disc Golf Tees.png


Site Rules/Safe Play



Please ensure to abide by the following rule when playing disc golf on lea heath:

  •  All park users not associated with Disc Golf have right of way.
  • 1.2 Spotters must be used on all holes.
  • 1.3 Spotting may take place from the tee line unless marked as a hazard on map notes.
  • 1.4 On hazard marked holes two spotters must be used in tournament play.
  • 1.5 Spotters must take up a position with a clear line of vision from the thrower to the expected landing area.
  • 1.6 Spotters must use clear signals (as underlined in guidance notes) to indicate safety to throw.
  • 1.7 Spotters should not return to the tee until all discs are found or declared lost.
  • Guidance:
  • In Disc Golf Spotting is a dual role. The first aspect is public safety for all park users (people and animals) the second aspect is to allow play to flow instead of being interrupted by looking for lost and out of bounds discs.

  • Preferably play in groups of at least four so that two spotters can be used where needed.

  • A spotter should take up a position that gives a good field of vision wherever a throw may have an otherwise blind landing.

  • Signals: 
  • -Both arms raised straight above head (signalled before throw) - good to throw
  • -Both arms raised straight above head (signalled after throw) - in bounds
  • -Arms crossed above head (signalled before throw) –unsafe to throw
  • -Arms crossed above head (signalled after throw) – out of bounds

  • If disc lands in undergrowth and is no longer visible try to mark the location in your mind using a landmark e.g. branch of a tree, dark patch of grass, group of flowers, coloured rubbish, any possible feature.
  • If a player spots from the Tee (or is second spotter on marked holes) this should give you two
  • viewpoints. Two intersecting lines of vision should allow you to triangulate the location of the disc.

Berkshire Disc Golf Club


Berkshire Disc Golf Club meets at Dinton Activity Centre on a Wednesday evening at 5pm (for a 5.30pm start) for a relaxed training session (usually running until 7.30pm) - we play all through the year, with lit disc games in the winter. If you enjoy the game and wish to play regularly, then we ask you to join BDGC (at just £24 per year) so that you are insured when playing on the course and your membership supports the development and maintenance of the baskets and equipment. 

For more information about the Club and playing disc golf at Dinton Pastures, please visit the website of Berkshire Disc Golf Club.