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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Statement 

While the parks are open to all, no one has the right to interfere with another park user’s use and enjoyment of parks and facilities. Behaviour is unacceptable when it violates the law, interferes with the rights of others, endangers or injures oneself or others or when it results in damage to park property, buildings or equipment. Kindness and respect towards fellow park guests and Countryside staff members is appreciated and expected at all times.


Code of Conduct

The following is not permitted in any of our Countryside Service Parks:

  • Abusing or vandalising a Country Park or its amenities in any way

  • Aggressive intimidation or harassment of any person including physical, sexual or verbal abuse

  • Obstructing other park guests’ use of Country Parks and the amenities, or maintenance of the amenities by our staff members

  • Using amenities, including picnic tables and playgrounds, outside of their intended or approved purpose

  • Bathing, sleeping, storing personal belongings or doing laundry in restrooms or facilities. Bathing, except for authorised use of Chaning Place facilites.

  • Swimming in the lakes, rivers and bodies of water at our sites unless on an organised Open Water Swimming session with our delivery partner at Dinton Activity Centre

  • Storing or leaving personal belongings unattended within the Country Park

  • Use of shopping carts or other wheeled devices when they create obstructions, unnecessary clutter or damage to landscaping

  • Charging for services, including exercise activities, guided walks, sports and other special interest classes and activities, without obtaining proper approval

  • Assembling groups of 20 people or more and erecting gazebos more without obtaining proper approval

  • Use of amplified sound without obtaining proper approval

  • Entering facilities without appropriate attire            

  • Activities that may endanger yourself, others, wildlife or Country Park property

  • Littering

  • Not picking up and disposing of your dog waste

  • Using, possessing or selling illegal drugs or possessing drug paraphernalia

  • Open fires and BBQs

  • Fly tipping or disposal of commercial / household waste in our litter bins

  • Fly posting and putting up signs around the park without prior approval      

  • Fishing without a syndicate permit or day ticket

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol or drunken behaviour



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