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Frequently Asked Questions


Access to the land

Anyone with a van or car should be fine to drive straight on to site, providing the ground isn’t too wet. Normally in summer the ground is dry and therefore hard. Anything larger than a van may need a track to drive on so as not to sink or ruin the grass. This should be provided by the customer or the supplier/contractor. It is preferable that anyone driving on and then leaving the land drives in a circle rather than conducting a 3 point turn as this is much less damaging to the ground. The council reserves the rights to stop vehicle movements in the case of bad weather and will endeavour to provide an alternative should this situation arise.


Camping is allowed on Lea Heath or in the DAC garden. There is an ethos of “leave no trace”.

Damage to the Site

If the countryside service feels that the site has been damaged by the customer, the customer is then required to fund, and potentially carry out, the repairs. Repairs must be agreed within a week of the event and carried out as soon as possible after the event to the council’s standard. The council will hold the hirer responsible for any claim or injury that arises through damage to the site caused by their event.


The use of a drone for photography purposes is allowed, however the drone must stay above Lea Heath and within 100m of the site boundaries.


There is no electricity to the land so customers will need to hire a generator if they need power.


Music & entertainment need to finish by 11pm and the site needs to be silent at midnight.


The entire area can be closed (it is fenced off and the pedestrian gates can be locked) if you hire the entire area of Lea Heath. We do have to allow access to the public right of way that crosses the eastern side of Lea Heath from a half way point along Davis Street to the Activity Centre. Customers can put up temporary fencing, for example Heras fencing, road pins & rope, bunting.

Grass Cutting

If the hirer requires any additional areas of grass cut short, the charge is £80 per cut. We allow the grass on some areas of Lea Heath to grow in to hay for conservation purposes and these parts will not be cut outside the scheduled cutting times.


Any contractors used by the customer will need to have their own public liability insurance. Customers may also need to consider if they will need insurance.


Your contractors will need to have their own public liability insurance. You will need to apply for a TEN (Temporary Events Notice) or Premises License. Please explore licensing required for the regulated sale of alcohol and entertainment.

Litter Picking

There is a fee of £3 for removing a bag of litter and £20 for an entire bin.

Music & Entertainment

The music & entertainment needs to finish by 11pm and the site needs to be quiet.


Normal charges apply

The designated car parks hold approximately the following numbers of cars:

  • Main Carpark - 140 spaces
  • Anglers - 65
  • DAC - 80
  • Lavells - 50
  • Lea Heath overflow – 150
  • Secondary golf course (grass summer overflow) – 300


When parking on Lea Heath the customer should arrange a parking marshal to show people where to park. It is recommended that for large scale events, visitors to that event park on Lea Heath rather than take spaces away from other visitors to the park.

Any event likely to have 400+ cars should also be considered for a traffic regulation order and should liaise with the council’s highways department a minimum of 12 weeks in advance of the event.


Security is to be provided by the hirer. This is to stop;

  • Any unauthorised persons entering the event
  • Any unauthorised vehicles entering the site after hours, especially if the site gates are left open after hours


The security person must also be available to call the out of hours number or emergency services should the need arise. This person could be held liable should anything happen.


Planning meetings in advance of the event are free of charge. Meet & greet on the day is also free of charge. Should customers require a member of staff to assist in the running of the day, (answering questions, directing contractors, putting up fencing etc.) or should a member of staff feel the need to step in at any point during the event, the customer will be charged a rate of £40/hour for staff time.

Temporary Event Notice

You will likely need to register for a temporary event notice 

The licensable activities are:

  • the sale by retail of alcohol;
  • the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of a club;
  • the provision of regulated entertainment; and
  • the provision of late night refreshment


Regulated entertainment, subject to specified conditions and exemptions, includes:

(a) a performance of a play;

(b) an exhibition of a film;

(c) an indoor sporting event;

(d) a boxing or wrestling entertainment;

(e) a performance of live music;

(f) any playing of recorded music;

(g) a performance of dance; and

(h) Entertainment of a similar description to that falling within (e), (f) or (g).

A TEN costs £21 and is payable to West Berkshire & Wokingham Environmental Health and Licencing department. You can pay for you application and find our more via this link or contacting the department via the details below:


Email: environmental.health@wokingham.gov.uk 

Telephone: 01635 519171 

Wokingham Borough Council, Civic Offices, Shute End, Wokingham, RG40 1BN


The toilets in the country park will generally close at the end of the day. They also have a limited capacity. For events with hundreds of people it is suggested that customers hire in portaloos or similar for guests to use. The waste must be taken away with the toilets/showers.


There are drinking water taps on site which can be put in to use. There will be a per-day fee for this, of £20/day plus staff time for connecting the water up to the pipes on the former golf course of £78. The nearest tap is about 100m away. The other option is that you hire in a water bowser.


Please hire enough bins to take away all your rubbish. Your caterers might do this, but best to check with them. We could also arrange for an extra collection from our bin provider for a fee of £3 per bag or £20/bin.