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Food or Drink Vendor Application Form Christmas at Dinton

Food or Drink Vendor Application Form for Christmas at Dinton

Pitch fees are £100 per day for a 3x3m pitch, and £150 per day for 3x6m pitch. All pitches are outside and we require vendors to be entirely self sufficient. 

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Food/Drink Vendor Application Form Christmas at Dinton
Christmas at Dinton | Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th December 2021 
Dinton Pastures Country Park 
Disclaimer for 2021: all of our events are Covid secure and have been approved by Public Health and the Public Protection Partnership. An event management plan and Covid specific risk assessment will be submitted to PPP and the Safety Advisory Group. Covid secure mitigations will be in place at the show in order to keep our exhibitors and visitors safe. 
In order to avoid last minute cancellations should restrictions return, we have opted to go without a marquee this year. That means all stalls and vendors must be self-sufficient, providing your own shelter and power should you require it. 
We’re looking forward to some traditional festive fun this Christmas at Dinton. Live music, mulled wine, mince pies, reindeer, and the chance to meet Father Christmas await as you visit the beautiful country park this winter. 
Terms and Conditions: 
1. Dinton Activity Centre (DAC) reserves the right to refuse applications on grounds of suitability and duplication. 
2. All pitches are outside for 2021. There are various pitch fees for you to choose from: 
a. Pitches for stall holders outside will be 3x2m in size. 
b. Pitches for food vendors are outside and come in either 3x3m or 3x6m. 
3. Pitches will be allocated by the show organiser. If you have certain requirements on where you are placed, please let us know in the box provided and we will do our best to accommodate you. For 2021, pitches will run alongside the pathway between the main entrance/play park area, and the Activity Centre. 
4. Please do not swap your pitch spaces on the day. There is a plan to accommodate stall holder/vendor requirements. 
5. Applications and ALL completed paperwork must be received by Friday 19th November, 2021. This MUST include your certificate for £2,000,000 public liability insurance and car registration number. Food vendors will need to provide all the required documents by this date. 
6. Please supply both your car registration number and a mobile number we can contact you on for the day of the event. Stall holders who do not supply their car registration number on the form will have to pay £6.60 on the day for their parking ticket. 
7. Set up for stalls is from 07.30 on Saturday 11th December 2021. Stalls must be set up and vehicles moved off site into the designated car park by 09:30. 
8. You will not be able to remove your stall or vehicle until the end of the day. This is anticipated to be 16:30. Please do not pack up or move your stall until you are told it is safe to do so. 
NB: this is for the safety of everyone on site, especially children, and applies to both stall holders and food vendors. 
** Disregarding this condition may lead to you being excluded from future events** 
9. Stall holders are welcome to run tombola’s but any raffles must be approved by us beforehand. 
10. Traders are responsible for their own security and safety of their stalls, staff and equipment. 

Are you using a power source or heating appliance?

Do you have a suitable fire extinguisher?

Are hot and cold handwashing facilities available?
Are temperatures of fridges/freezers being monitored?
Are cooking/holding/reheating temperatures being monitored?
Does the unit have an adequate supply of cleaning chemicals/materials including sanitiser meeting BS EN standards?
If you are selling food in/from a vehicle you also need a fire blanket. 
All food retailers must also provide one refuge container placed near to your stall/vehicle available for customer use. 
Set up time required
Please tick this box to agree to the terms and conditions above, and to agree to pay the pitch fee