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The Ultimate Challenge

The Ultimate Challenge


What is involved?

Our Ultimate Challenge tests your physical and mental ability to solve an equation and reveal the code to win! Your team will be given a maths challenge – yes maths, but do not be put off as this challenge will surprise you! The value of each Letter in the equation will be granted to you after your team has successfully completed a choice of a physical or mental challenge to help get you closer to winning the prize. Some tasks require whole team effort whilst others need your group to choose the right person for the job and adopt a more supportive role. The Ultimate Challenge tests your communication, division of labour, patience and time management under pressure.


Who is it suitable for?

The Ultimate Challenge is excellent for groups who want to be challenged intellectually and practically. The Challenge is an excellent leveller and can allow opportunities for your more introverted team members to shine. Suitable for all physical abilities.


The Ultimate Challenge can be tailored to your time requirements. To test your colleagues time management skills, we can do it in 3 hours or make a day of it by adding archery, raft building or high ropes to the challenges.

To book:

If you think we can assist your business then please get in touch, and we can discuss any requirements you have in more detail. Phone: 0118 934 4424, email dintonactivitycentre@wokingham.gov.uk or complete our online form, to make an enquiry or booking.