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Survival Day

Survival Day

 What is involved?

Companies and their employees have faced unprecedented change in recent years so need solid foundations to work effectively as a team and reconnect.  Will your team be able to survive together in the woods? Our wilderness tasks are designed to test communication skills, division of labour and working under pressure to survive a ‘blackout’. Facilitated by one of our instructors you and your employees will solve challenges outside their normal comfort zone and spend some time in the beauty of nature. Challenges include primitive fire lighting methods, debris shelter building, water filtration and axe & knife skills.

Who is it suitable for?

All ages and physical abilities. Teams looking for a different approach to team building and who enjoy the benefits of being outside in calming nature.



We can do a shorter half day session or extend to make it a whole day. Additional activities such as Archery or Canoeing compliment this package.


To book:            

If you think we can assist your business then please get in touch, and we can discuss any requirements you have in more detail. 

Phone: 0118 934 4424, email dintonactivitycentre@wokingham.gov.uk or complete our online form, to make an enquiry or booking.