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Dinton Boot Camp

Dinton Boot Camp

What is involved?

A high-octane session ideal for those who like a bit of competition! Working in smaller teams you and your colleagues will be put to the test with military style challenges and obstacles to overcome.


Physical tasks you and your team can expect include tyre runs, tyre relay races, cargo net crawls and for the bold our ‘drag race’ to see who can pull the tyre the furthest in the quickest time! Practical tasks involved can include our minefield to cross, bomb disposal challenge, using morse code to communicate and building a signal fire.

For the final task of the day you can choose ONE from the following:

  • Pioneering Challenge: Build a structure to support your whole team using only poles and rope.

  • Bridge Build: your team is challenged to build a bridge over the Emmbrook (stream) and cross it!

  • Raft Build: Can your team design and construct a successful vessel to retrieve your prize?

Who is it suitable for?

For Corporate groups, our Dinton Boot Camp is designed to promote leadership, delegation, empathy and develop communication under duress! Tasks are physical and strenuous so a reasonable degree of fitness required.

Dinton Boot Camp is a fun and unusual day out if you are looking for something different to do as a Stag or Hen group.



This can be run as a half day or a full day. 

To book: 

If you think we can assist your business then please get in touch, and we can discuss any requirements you have in more detail.

Phone: 0118 934 4424, email dintonactivitycentre@wokingham.gov.uk or complete our online form, to make an enquiry or booking.