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Corporate Group Packages

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Treat your staff to something different for Corporate enrichment and Team Building Days with Dinton Activity Centre.

We have a variety of packages for you to choose from that are suitable for all physical abilities and ages. Our tasks and activities are designed to develop strategized thinking, communication and cohesion. Most importantly they are fun and create memories you will be talking about in the office for years! We also encourage open and honest feedback to help enable self-reflection and deeper learning.

Choose from one of the packages below or contact us for a bespoke programme to suit your company’s needs. Prices vary depending on packages and length of your chosen day so email us at dintonactivitycentre@wokingham.gov.uk or call 0118 9344424 for more information.



Why choose one of our Corporate Packages?


Here are some of the benefits of taking part in our Team Building packages:

  • Improving team cohesion, working together to solve a common goal

  • Allowing an opportunity outside of the normal working environment to bond and have fun

  • Challenges are varied so introverts and extroverts can both excel

  • Developing strategies to improve communication under pressure

  • A safe space to acknowledge constructive and honest feedback

  • Encouraging empathy and a supportive environment

  • Increased productivity once back in the office