Adventurous Activities (8+)

Adventurous Activities (Age 8+)

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Read our guide to choosing activities to fit your session aims

Pioneering | Kayaking | Canoeing | Sailing | Raft Building | Stand Up Paddleboarding | Jacobs Ladder | High Ropes | Zip Wire *


Activities run on a 12:1 participant/instructor ratio

* We can offer Zip Wire as a bespoke activity. This activity requires an additional instructor and has a maximum group size of 15 participants in a 1 hour 30 minute session, however there may be a options to run the Zip Wire throughout an activity day.  Please contact us to discuss options and pricing. 

Supercharge your PE lessons with regular sailing and paddlesports for your school, college or youth group. Certain targeted groups may also be eligible for a Sport England funded subsidy that can cut the cost of these sessions to just £4 per person per session.

2020 Prices (Minimum Group Size)  
One Activity (Evenings Only) up to 1.5 hours  £18.00 per person 
Two Activities up to 3 hours £22.00 per person 
Three activities up to 4.5 hours £33.00 per person 
Additional instructor for Abseil & Climb  £60.00 for 1.5 hours 

Consent Forms 

Consent forms will need to be completed for either each individual participant, or a group consent form. Individual consent forms can be submitted online If you have instant access to participants’ medical information - for example, on a school database - the group consent form is appropriate. You can email / post it to the office in advance or bring it with you on the day of your activity. This form must be signed before you can take part in the activity. 

Read our What to Bring Guide and FAQs for further information. 

About the Activities


Paddle your way to fun, games and adventure in single or double boats. Boats and groups selected dependent on group needs, aims and also weather conditions. (The kayak has a two-ended paddle, so you paddle on both sides of the boat.)


Paddle with your team as you explore the lake in this ancient craft. Paddling predominantly in pairs or more you will need wits and team work to succeed. (The canoe has a single-ended paddle, so you paddle on one side only, team work crucial to go where you want!)


Master the art that gave Britain the greatest navy in the world and become king of the high seas! Learn in single or crew boats to negotiate the wind and waves. Commander of the fleet or pirate captain? You decide.

Raft Building 

Marooned on a desert island only the wreckage of your ship washed up on the sand. Can you build a seaworthy vessel to escape? Team building, knot tying and some very wet adventures abound.

Stand Up Paddleboarding 

The rapidly growing sport that can be as relaxing or energetic as you desire. 


What can you build with a couple of wooden poles and a few ropes? A Bridge across a river, a crane, Stonehenge? Pioneering is a great way to introduce students to the technologies that built some of the Wonders of the world. Using teamwork they will build structures for purposes. With plenty of opportunities for STEM and History curriculum tie-ins.