Adventurous Activities (6 - 7)

Adventurous Activities (Age 6 - 7)

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Read our guide to choosing activities to fit your session aims

Climbing | Crate stack | Bushcraft | Archery | Rafted Canoe Adventure | Raft Building | Giant Stand Up Paddleboards

Perfect for an end-of-year treat, a teambuilding challenge or an evening out with your youth group. Led by an instructor, you’ll learn the basics of the activity and then you’ll get stuck in with games and challenges. All equipment provided. 

2020 Prices (Minimum Group Size 20)  
One Activity (Evenings Only) up to 1.5 hours £18.00 per person 
 Two Activities up to 3 hours £22.00 per person
 Three Activities up to 4.5 hours £33.00 per person


Activities run on a 20:2 participant/instructor ratio

Activities for children under the age of 8 years of age, in addition to the Instructor provided there must be staff present to take overall responsibility for the group. 

Consent Forms

Consent forms will need to be completed for either each individual participant, or a group consent form. Individual consent forms can be submitted online If you have instant access to participants’ medical information - for example, on a school database - the group consent form is appropriate. You can email / post it to the office in advance or bring it with you on the day of your activity. This form must be signed before any participant can take part in the activity. 

Read our What to Bring Guide and FAQs for further information. 

About the Activities


Work as a team to explore the challenges of our climbing tower, set goals and see how far you can get up.

Crate Stack

Try out our Crate Stack - how high can you build a tower? 


Experience the joy of a simpler and slower way of living, try fire lighting and fire building, cook on an open fire and build shelters to survive wild weather.


Try out an ancient sport and discover some of the fascinating history of archery. Warfare, survival and sport, archery has seen it all.

Team Challenges 

Can you beat the challenges set by our cunning team? Do you dare cross the river, navigate a team mate who is blindfolded, negotiate our low ropes course or tackle the spider’s web?

Raft Building 

Marooned on a desert island only the wreckage of your ship washed up on the sand. Can you build a seaworthy vessel to escape? Team building, knot tying and some very wet adventures abound.

Map Reading

Map reading and Navigation are skills that everyone should know and are much more straight-forward than everyone thinks. Introducing the students to key concepts we build their understanding in a logical way that will give them the confidence to navigate independently. 

Navigation Skills

The ability to read the world around us to find our way has been an essential life skill for millennia. As people become more reliant upon technology this awareness of the signs and cues given to us by nature is being slowly lost. This experiential session aims to get the students to open their senses to the natural world around them to identify different natural navigation markers to help them find their way.


Often described a “Cunning Running”, orienteering is an activity that involves using map and navigation skills to get around a course finding marker posts in the shortest possible time. It is fun, energetic whilst promotes independent team working and decision making.