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Static Climbing Wall

Static Climbing Wall

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Dinton Activity centre’s 12m high Climbing and High Ropes tower provides 7 different activities to challenge participants both children and adults. These are not just individual challenges but require teamwork and cooperation to complete.

All activities are directly lead by our instructors and belay protected, this will ensure your physical and emotional safety throughout. We want you to take on a level of challenge that will push your limits whilst keeping the experience fun and positive.


We have 8 lines of climbing set up for team belaying. Participants will learn about responsibility, trust, co-operation and confidence as they strive to reach the top of the wall. Suitable for 6 years +.


After climbing to the top of the wall you can abseil back down taking charge of how quickly you descend the wall. All the time backed up and encouraged by your instructor. Suitable for 8 years +.

Zip Wire

Climb to the top of our 12 meter high tower, take a moment to soak in the stunning view over Lea Heath and Black Swan Lake. With one small step you will be sailing through the air along our 140 meter Zip wire. Suitable for 6 years +.

Team High Elements 

Our team high elements involve a team of 2, 3 or 4 participants undertaking the challenge whilst the remainder of the team provide safety, support and encouragement with team belays. The elements are:

  • Crate Stack

Working together as a team of 2, 3 or 4 you have to build the tallest crate tower you can …. Whilst you are all standing on it. A true test of balance and co-operation. Timber! Suitable for 6 years +.

  • All Aboard 

Scamper up our 9 meter high All-aboard post then stand on the Tea-tray sized platform. Good, now squeeze over and make room for your 3 friends. Once you are all on there we have a couple of challenges for you. Suitable for 8 years +.

  • Leap-of-Faith 

The classic trapeze challenge. From the top of the All aboard you jump for the trapeze bar which can be moved further away or closer to match your confidence and ability. Sound easy? How about doing this as a pair? Suitable for 8 years +.

  • Jacobs Ladder

A Giant log-ladder where the rungs get further apart the higher you go. Most people can get up to the third run on their own after that you really have to work together to boost, pull and push the team up the ladder. Suitable for 8 years +. 

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