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Adventurous Activities (6 - 7)

Adventurous Activities (Age 6 - 7)

Land Activities What to Bring

Giant Stand Up Paddleboards| Rafted Canoe Adventure | Raft Building | Climbing | Crate stack | Bushcraft | Archery |  Map Reading | Navigation Skills  | Orienteering

Perfect for an end-of-year treat, a teambuilding challenge or an evening out with your youth group. Led by an instructor, you’ll learn the basics of the activity and then you’ll get stuck in with games and challenges. All equipment provided. 

How to Book?

  • Complete our enquiry form and we'll give you a call to discuss it further   
  • Give us a call on 0118 934 4424 and we'll talk you through your options

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What Activities are on Offer?

Read our  guide to choosing activities to fit your session aims


Activities run on a 20:2 participant/instructor ratio

Activities for children under the age of 8 years of age, in addition to the Instructor provided there must be staff present to take overall responsibility for the group. 

Consent Forms

Consent forms will need to be completed for either each individual participant, or a group consent form. Individual consent forms can be submitted   online. If you have instant access to participants’ medical information - for example, on a school database - the group consent form is appropriate. You can email / post it to the office in advance or bring it with you on the day of your activity. This form must be signed before any participant can take part in the activity. 


Please look at the Before You Visit page for our what to bring guides for further information.