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Wild Days

Wild Days

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Wild Sessions - 2021

We are currently working on a new program for wild days in 2021 to fit the current guidelines. we hope to have live and ready to book after February half term. With sessions starting from the Easter holidays subject to guidelines.


Unfortunately due to the physical capacity of our building, we cannot accommodate the Wild Session children indoors, so we will be asking parents to book for a half day or collect their children over lunch. Access into the building will be for toilets only, so we will be asking the parents to send their children ‘beach ready’ for their water activity. 

All participants will be required to wear face coverings when inside the building, unless exempt. Click here for the latest guidance on face coverings

Wild Sessions

£30 per session| Ages 8-13 | 9:30 -12:30 or 13:30 - 16:30| Monday - Friday | School Holidays

Read our What to Bring Guide and FAQs for further information. 

 Complete the online Consent Form.

Wild Day Activities (usual program - does not apply to 2021)

The Activities Explained!


How high can you get? Scale new heights and see Dinton from a bird’s eye view.

Leap of Faith

The classic trapeze challenge. From the top of the All aboard you jump for the trapeze bar which can be moved further away or closer to match your confidence and ability. Sound easy? How about doing this as a pair?

Crate Stack

Working together as a team of 2, 3 or 4 you have to build the tallest crate tower you can …. Whilst you are all standing on it. A true test of balance and co-operation. Timber!

Jacobs Ladder

A Giant log-ladder where the rungs get further apart the higher you go. Most people can get up to the third run on their own after that you really have to work together to boost, pull and push the team up the ladder. 

Zip Wire

Climb to the top of our 12 meter high tower, take a moment to soak in the stunning view over Lea Heath and Black Swan Lake. With one small step you will be sailing through the air along our 140 meter Zip wire.

Stand Up Paddleboarding  

Try out the rapidly growing, coolest water sport going! Enjoy learning to paddle and games with the deliciously refreshing lake to break any falls!

Raft Building 

Marooned on a desert island only the wreckage of your ship washed up on the sand. Can you build a seaworthy vessel to escape? Team building, knot tying and some very wet adventures abound


Get lost in the woods and learn ancient skills of fire building and shelter building. Enjoy cooking on open fires and test your survival skills.


Take your team to the ancient craft of canoeing, enjoy exploring the lake, play games and test out your stability in canoes. (The canoe has a single-ended paddle, so you paddle on one side only, team work crucial to go where you want!)

Giant Stand Up Paddleboarding 

Our biggest watercraft are gigantic inflatable team-powered paddleboards, enjoy a session getting as wet as you want – or staying dry! While voyaging across the lake with an instructor on your craft.


Paddle your way to fun, games and adventure in single or double boats. Boats and group size selected dependent on group needs, aims and also weather conditions. We have closed cockpit and open top boats. (The kayak has a two-ended paddle, so you paddle on both sides of the boat.)