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Wild Days

Wild Days Holiday Club

Welly & Wild Days What to bring

£30 per session| Ages 8-13 | 9:30 -12:30 or 13:30 - 16:30| Monday - Friday | 

Come and join us on one of our exciting Wild Sessions this Summer holidays! These take place every morning and afternoon. 


We are running four activities per day, two per session, to give your youngsters a range of different adventurous sports. So please check the programme below to ensure you book your required activities. Our activities include water sports, such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking or giant SUPs on the beautiful Black Swan Lake. These will be running alongside our land activities to challenge yourself and aim high including climbing and archery or test your Bear Grylls skills on our Survival session! We are excited to introduce our new land activity of fencing so young people can learn the art of swordsmanship and etiquette. Whatever the activity we will deliver a fun and safe session to keep your young people entertained during the summer holidays!


The sessions in the morning are different to those in the afternoon so you can book a whole day, with lunch cover provided, if you wish.


At certain times we may need to change the activity on the day due to adverse weather conditions. In such occurrences we will not be able to offer refunds but instead, will adapt the activities for the conditions, and still deliver a fun activity session for your children.


Wetsuits will be provided in cold weather.


Bring sun-cream and a hat for hot weather


For half day sessions, snacks and a drink may also be handy!


If your child is staying the whole day, please provide a packed lunch. There will not be enough time for your young people to buy lunch in the café.



Read our Easter Session ProgrammeWild Session Summer Programme and Before You Visit page for further information. 

The Activities Explained!

Stand-up Paddleboarding 

Stand up and paddle on our inflatable boards, good for balance and core strength!

Giant Paddle Boarding 

A great way to work on your teamwork and communication, with 8 people paddling together on one giant paddleboard


A traditional method of paddling using double bladed paddles. We have a choice of single or double kayaks available for you to enjoy. These maneuverable craft make it easy for high octane games and races


Traditional Canadian style paddling with open canoes using single bladed paddles and working in pairs. These are slower pace making for calm and tranquil trips round the lake.

Water Olympics

A fun session full of competitions and games both on and off the water.

Raft building 

Work as a team to build a raft out of barrels and poles before testing your knot work as you float the raft on the lake


Our outdoor climbing tower and our new indoor climbing wall will test your nerve for heights!

Leap of Faith 

A chance to challenge your fears with a leap into the unknown to catch our trapeze at height!

Crate stacking 

Reach new heights with your team-mate by building your own tower to climb out of crates! How high will you get?

Jacobs Ladder 

Work together to help each other climb the ever-widening rungs on the ladder, you might need to climb up each other to achieve this tricky challenge!

All Aboard 

A test of trust, nerve and teamwork. Can you reach the top of the telegraph pole with a platform just big enough for four people to stand, and lean back?


Will you strike gold? Test your hand-eye co-ordination with this fun sport.


Learn the etiquette of sword fighting with our energetic fencing sessions.

Survival Skills 

Will your team survive our woodland challenges? Light fires, filter water and build yourself a shelter before the ‘storm’ comes! You will be rewarded with a sugary treat!


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