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Welly and Wild Days

What to Bring Welly and Wild Days

Welly and Wild Days What to bring

Water Activities

For all our water activities and courses you will be offered a wetsuit, especially during colder weather. If you have your own wetsuit, bring that with you. We recommend you wear a wicking thermal layer underneath and swimming costume/shorts for comfort. Please avoid wearing cotton t-shirts underneath your wetsuit as these just stay wet and make you cold.

Please wear closed toe footwear suitable for getting wet e.g. old trainers or neoprene shoes. Flip flops and crocs are unsuitable and may get lost in the lake.

Don’t forget a full change of clothes, footwear and a towel as you might get wet!

In sunny weather remember your sunhats and sun cream.

Land Activities

What to wear for archery, bushcraft, low ropes, environmental education, team tasks and orienteering?


All our land activities require closed toe footwear with good grip, such as trainers. For bushcraft, orienteering and environmental education wellies are more suitable during wet weather. Wellies are essential for our River Studies sessions.

Wear loose comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in. Joggers, leggings and outdoor trousers are all excellent, please no jeans.

For archery long sleeved tops work well to help protect your arm from the string (arm bracers are provided for protection).

Please bring a waterproof jacket and trousers if you have them to keep you warm and dry on rainy days. No such thing as bad weather, just bad kit!

In sunny weather remember your sunhats and sun cream.

What to wear for climbing, high ropes & zip wire?


These activities require strong closed toe footwear, such as trainers or approach shoes (like trainers & walking boot in one).  

Please wear non-constrictive clothing that is easy for you to stretch and bend in. Jeans are not suitable for climbing.

For outdoor climbing bring a waterproof jacket. No thick coats as these can hinder the harness fitting correctly.

In sunny weather remember your sunhats and sun cream.