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Plan your visit

Plan your visit

Parking and location

Easily accessible for both visitors and local residents with nearby public transport and motorway links.

Dragonfly cafe

The award winning onsite café offers a range of excellent homemade cakes and speciality coffees and teas; perfect for an afternoon tea or after a long walk in the countryside. Our favourite is the breadth of lunchtime options from hearty meals to delicious sandwiches.

Riverside cafe

A gorgeous place to relax after an exciting hour (or more) in the play park or a strenuous walk around the lakes. Enjoy some time swinging in our hammocks, chilling on a deckchair or sheltering under the sun shades. Plenty of space for family past times and games with a catering van offering light refreshments. You can find this area between the main entrance and the play park. 



The country park is enjoyed by a wide variety of different users, each with their own interests and motivations. We try hard to balance these users to ensure peaceful co-existence.


Please ensure that you respect our other users by keeping your dog under control at all times. We provide a few dog bins around the perimeter of the park and request that you collect all dog excrement. Please try to avoid allowing your dog to foul in public areas.


In addition, we do not allow dogs in the play park under any circumstances and dogs must be on leads in front of the activity centre and on the paths leading from and to the play park.


Blue-green algae occurs naturally in our freshwater lakes. During prolonged spells of warm and dry weather, it can occasionally form algal blooms and potentially pose a risk to dogs entering the water. We suggest that dog owners exercise caution during the warmer months. If you suspect that your dog has been exposed to this algae, please seek advise from a vet. Further information about blue-green algae is available from the Environment Agency (PDF document)



The country park is a popular destination for families to bring their bikes for a safe excursion away from the busy roads. Please have consideration for other park users, particularly around the play area, and cycle at a reasonable speed.


Hobbies and pastimes

We know that wide open spaces can often be a luxury and encourage visitors to enjoy a variety of hobbies whilst at the country park. However for legal and/or safety reasons, please refrain from the following activities:


Model planes and drones

We don't allow the use of model planes or drones at our sites unless a specific event is being held where permission has been granted. Event managers must ensure compliance with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) guidelines, provide risk assessments and appropriate liability insurance. Please note, we do not guarantee permission in these instances.

  • Give us a call on 0118 934 2016 and we'll talk you through your options

Kite flying

We have a number of electricity pylons crossing the country park. For your safety, please refrain from flying kites during your visit.



We manage a number of environmentally sensitive sites with great care. Disturbing the ground can cause irreversible damage to these habitats. Help us protect our countryside by refraining from metal-detecting.

Swimming in the lake

The lakes are busy places with water craft and anglers making the most of these fantastic venues. For your own personal safety, please refrain from swimming in the lakes outside of our supervised open water swimming sessions.  


Bring your own boat

You can launch your own non-powered craft or model boats onto Black Swan Lake for £15 per day per boat during our operating hours (PDF document).


Inflatable craft will need to have at least two sponsons and everyone on the water needs to be wearing a buoyancy aid or lifejacket. Paddleboard users can use a leash instead.


If you are launching your boat regularly, or wish to launch outside our operating hours, you may wish to sign up as a member for free launching. You can find out more on our membership page.


Picnics and barbeques

You can find picnic tables and benches scattered around the country park for the enjoyment of our visitors. To preserve the beauty of the country park, we ask visitors to refrain from using barbeques of any kind. However we do offer a gas barbeque for hire to groups hiring one of our rooms.


You can find our public toilets at the main entrance of the country park, either inside the café or next to the Emmbrook room. These are generally open from 9am to 4pm, although we can't always guarantee their availability. The toilets at the activity centre may not always be available for public use, in line with our safeguarding responsibilities.


Inclusive facilities - Changing Places & Mobility Scooters

The park hosts a changing places toilet for our less able visitors, while for our smallest visitors we have baby changing facilities.


Use of the changing places toilet requires a radar key which is available from the onsite café. It has a height adjustable, adult sized and wall mounted changing bench with a ceiling track hoist. The toilet is centrally placed with room either side for carers. More information about these facilities can be found on the changing places website.


We also provide mobility scooters for visitors who have difficulty walking, but still wish to explore and enjoy our country park. Children between 12 and 16 years old are also eligible to use the scooters when accompanied by an adult. This facility is free after completing a simple induction, which includes some form filling and a brief test on a scooter. No special skills are needed as the scooters are easy to drive and full instruction will be given. You must be able to walk to the scooter and be under 30 stone in weight.

  • Give us a call on 0118 934 2016 and we'll book you in for an induction. Please note that  your induction needs to be booked in prior to you first use of the facility. We suggest at least two weeks. 

  • Once inducted you will need to pre-book the scooter out for you desired dates and times to ensure that it is available for you. 

Recycling and bins

We're committed to conserving the environment to the benefit of people and wildlife. There are generally bins (including for dog poo) at the park entrances although we do ask that visitors try to take any rubbish home with them. You can also find one of the borough's recycling banks at the main entrance of the country park, which is also a great place to recycle any rubbish from your picnic.


Facility hire

The country park is a fantastic landscape for you to host your own events, be that outside in one of our big open spaces or inside in our teaching rooms. This is available for many different styles of events, including commercial, charities, schools and youth groups, and private occasions.