Disc golf

Disc golf

Disc golf

What is Disc Golf?

The object of the game is to throw a disc (a type of frisbee) from one hole (a metal basket) to another in as few throws as possible. Dinton is proud to host one of the few 18-hole permanent disc golf courses in England.

The course was installed in 2016 and was paid for by Berkshire Disc Golf Club (a group of local, volunteers who love disc golf!)  The course is located on public access grassland adjacent to the main lake and you can access it from either the Dragonfly Café or Dinton Activity Centre. It is free to play if you have your own discs, but you can give the game a try and hire a disc from Dinton Activity Centre (off Sandford Lane).

 Berkshire Disc Golf Club


Berkshire Disc Golf Club meets at Dinton Activity Centre on a Wednesday evening at 5pm (for a 5.30pm start) for a relaxed training session (usually running until 7.30pm) - we play all through the year, with lit disc games in the winter. If you enjoy the game and wish to play regularly, then we ask you to join BDGC (at just £24 per year) so that you are insured when playing on the course and your membership supports the development and maintainence of the baskets and equipment. 

For more information about the Club and playing disc golf at Dinton Pastures, please visit the website of Berkshire Disc Golf Club.

Events in 2017

  • 9th April 2017 Reading Steady Throw, part of the official South East Tour (SET) 2017 and the MODS 2017

  • Disc Golf Taster Session. Sat 3rd and Sun 4th June 10am to 4pm. Part of Dinton Activity Centre’s Family Fun Weekend.  

  • 1st & 2nd July Reading Revolution, part of the BDGA Tour - this is an exciting national event with top players from the UK travelling to Dinton to take part.

  • 24th September, The Hurst Hurl, part of the SET 2017

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